Find  quick answers in the list of Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have any query, which is not covered in the FAQ list, then please contact the WardWiz support at
Location in Germany: WardWiz Deutschland, Ysenburgerstrasse 9, D-61184 Karben Germany  
What is a Ticket Number?
 When you contact WardWiz, our Support Team will allocate a reference number to you for further communication regarding the topic at hand. This is called a ticket number.
 Please do mention your Serial Number in every communication with WardWiz Team.
To know more, refer to Support Topic in this Help file.
How long can I use this WardWiz registered copy?
You can use registered copy till the end of subscription period of your WardWiz copy. After the subscription period is over, you can renew the subscription for your copy of WardWiz.
Wardwiz notifies you before expiry of the validity period.
Are the upgrades free, if yes how long?
All updates and upgrades are free for registered users till the end of subscription period of the copy.
Why registration wizard does not accept the Registration Key?
Registration key is a 12 digits number received after you purchase WardWiz online or from a store. This key is needed for successful registration of WardWiz software.
WardWiz Registration Wizard does not accept invalid product key.
Therefore, enter the valid product key provided with WardWiz purchase.
Note that the Registration Key is case sensitive, please enter exact Registration key received with WardWiz.
If the problem still persists please contact WardWiz support or visit http://www.wardwiz.in/support-center
How much time does WardWiz  take for full scan?
Scanning time always depends on the size of data saved on your computer system.
WardWiz new features include Momentary caching and Tenacious caching techniques which improves the scanning performance.
Can we drag the files directly in an Encryption screen?
The Drag and Drop action is for Custom Scan Window. To encrypt the file use the browse button and select the file path.
What is the function of Keep original check box in Encryption window?
That means, you can also keep the original un-encrypted file and encrypt a copy of the same file.
What happens if I clear the Keep Original checkbox  on encryption window?
If you clear the Keep Original checkbox, then at the time of encryption the original file copy will not be retained. You will get only encrypted file as an output.
Are Shortcut (.lnk) and Autorun Malware the same things?
They are a bit related. So it is obvious to get confused.
Shortcut files are .lnk files. Every application you install will create a shortcut on your desktop. Sometimes because of virus activity unwanted shortcut files are created and they keep consuming the memory space and affect the processing speed. That’s why it becomes necessary to remove such unwanted .lnk files. on the contrary the Autorun file helps to launch the program present in the USB device.
What is Autorun  file?
Whenever you connect a USB/ pen drive, you receive a pop-up on your screen asking if you want to open the folder. That happens because of Autorun function of the USB/pen drive.
This function, the Autorun file can be used for wrong purposes. That means as soon as you connect the USB it will spread the malware in your computer. This file launches itself automatically; hence it is named as Autorun.
 To know more, refer to Autorun Scan section in this Help file
How WardWiz Protect the Autorun file?
USB vaccinator replaces the Autorun file which is already present in the USB with a new or fresh Autorun file irrespective of whether it was previously infected or not.
So in short, it minimizes the chances of spreading of malicious Autorun file. We call this procedure as USB vaccination.
To know more, refer to Autorun Scan Section in this Help file.
How do I register my copy of WardWiz?
After installation you need to register newly purchased WardWiz. You should Register and Activate your copy immediately after installation, as without Activation WardWiz cannot be updated. Registered users can get additional benefits like technical support service. If WardWiz is not registered within 30days’ time period from the date of installation, your copy of WardWiz will expire and will be considered as void.
WardWiz can be registered through: On-line via Internet access on PC.
To know more, refer to Registration topic of this help file.
The copy of WardWiz I am using is frozen?
WardWiz updates automatically upon availability of the internet connection, if you have activated the Auto Live Upadte option (either from UI settings or from Tray options)
If in spite of that your WardWiz copy is not functioning, then it could be because of two reasons.
First, the database version of your WardWiz copy is too old or second, the WardWiz set up file is old.
To resolve this problem download patch files from WardWiz website.
To update refer to Updation topic in this Help file.
I am unable to perform any type of scan using WardWiz UI.
This problem could arise either because of presence third party  software, which can interfere with WardWiz functionalities or it could happen because your Product version has become out-dated.
Product version information is displayed after clicking  of the WardWiz UI home Screen.
To download the updated the product version visit http://www.wardwiz.in/product-updates
I have re-installed WardWiz. Should I register it again?
It may happen that we need to reinstall WardWiz if we reset or format the computer system. WardWiz needs reactivation after re-installation. Reactivation can be done by following process.
Access the website> Re-download the updated WardWiz setup file > Run the setup wizard.
After the WardWiz installed register and activate it using the old registration key.
To know more information refer to Installation topic of this Help File
How can I get a WardWiz installation CD?
If you have purchased WardWiz online, then an installation CD is not required. You can create an account on the WardWiz website and then download the set up file directly from www.wardwiz.in . Then register your copy using the product key provided via E-Mail.
Otherwise, you can buy WardWiz installation CD from any of our authorized shops and dealers.
I want to purchase WardWiz licensed copy for a validity period of 2 or more years.
Yes, this option is easily available. Either you can request the store-dealer from where you have purchased the WardWiz CD and after making the required payment the validity period of your WardWiz license will be extended.
Or, you can contact WardWiz Support http://www.wardwiz.in/support-center or E-Mail us at support@wardwiz.com and mention your request with the 12 digit product key provided during WardWiz purchase.
How do I register WardWiz offline?
To register WardWiz offline, you require the 12 digit Product Key provided with the WardWiz CD and a mobile phone. You have to send an SMS mentioning the product key to the phone number printed on the WardWiz CD cover. Immediately after sending the SMS, you will receive a product activation code. By using this activation code you can activate your copy of WardWiz product.
For more information, refer to Offline Registration Section in this Help file
I am a current user of WardWiz and the license validity period is about to end. How can I extend the validity period?
You can either buy contact the WardWiz dealer from where you have bought the WardWiz CD or contact the WardWiz support (Contact no. 020-39520795 or Email support@wardwiz.com ) and mention your request for extending the validity period.
For more information refer to Support Topic in this Help file.