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Thank you for choosing WardWiz. We are grateful to provide you with the system essentials which keep your computer systems performance at peak level. WardWiz team will assist you with prompt technical support to help you with the product. The User Interface is designed in HTML format to elevate your navigational experience. We ensure your computer system performance as WardWiz is made to protect and designed to secure your digital lifestyle.

About WardWiz

WardWiz is a System essential tool to ensure your computer system performance. Currently, WardWiz is a well-known, internationally recognized tool in the software Industry. Our competent software professionals have developed the WardWiz system essential tool to conquer all threat issues related to the personal computers and cell phones.
WardWiz supports scanning of various file formats such as Portable Document Format (PDF), files created in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Files created in Extensive Markup Language (XML), MS Word documents (.Doc), Images with Joint Photographic Experts Group format ( Jpg and Jpeg Images), Portable Network Graphics (PNG images).
Now you can enjoy operating WardWiz User Interface in an enhanced HTML view.
The WardWiz is also involved in security of mobile phone and Tablet PC. To know more please visit Google Play store and search for WardWiz Application (App.).
The WardWiz App. is designed to secure your Smart cell phones from the threats. It provides Scanning, Speed boosting, Call blocking, App locking, Private browsing, Tracking and recovery options which helps you secure your confidential data from theft and keeps your cell phones' health at the peak level.
For More information about WardWiz App. click Google Play Store Webpage
The WardWiz system is developed because just an antivirus is not enough; WardWiz not only acts as an Antivirus but also supports and enhances your computer system performance. Additionally, it consist the Tools and Utilities which are designed to secure your digital lifestyle.
For more information visit: http://www.wardwiz.com