Performance Settings

The performance settings help to increase performance of the scanning. Using these features one can save the scanning time.
Through indexing mechanism this feature of WardWiz avoids duplication of files which have already gone through the scanning process and saves recorded data on your computer system.
Once the file get scanned it gets exclude in subsequent scan which results in saving the time span required for scanning and detection of infected files.
        Momentary Caching
           This feature saves the subsequent scanning information temporarily in memory and holds the rescanning of scanned file until the restart of your
            computer system. 
       Tenacious Caching
           This feature records and keeps the memory of verified files available on your computer system, after selection it avoids rescanning of verified files
           saves scanning period and improves the performance.
Figure 90 : WardWiz Performance Setting Window
Note : To maintain the maximum protection level set WardWiz on the default settings, click Default to set the default WardWiz Settings.
         1.        Mark Prepare Cache in Background check box to start running cache in background.
         2.        Select Use momentary caching radio button to activate Momentary Caching Function.
             After selection WardWiz will scan only unscanned files rather than rescanning all the files.
         3.        Select Use tenacious caching radio button to activate Tenacious Caching Function.
             After selection WardWiz will scan only unverified files present on your computer. This helps to improve the speed and to save the time of scanning.
     4.     At the right bottom of the window click Support to contact WardWiz Support team.