The registration process ensures that the installed version of WardWiz is protecting your computer.
Figure 22 : WardWiz Home Screen of Un-registered Version
To get registered your installed WardWiz version:
         1.        On Home screen click Register Now, the WardWiz registration window appears.
Figure 23 : WardWiz Registration Window
         2.        In provided text fields, through drop down menu Select Salutation, enter your First Name, Last Name, Phone No and Email Id .
         3.        Confirm your Email and click Next.
         4.        On the next page, select the mode of registration through the list and follow the Activation process of your choice.
                                                                     Table 5 : Modes of Registration :
Registration Mode
Intended Users
Online Activation
For online users
Offline Activation
For users who wish to activate offline
Trial Activation
For users who want to try WardWiz before purchase