Temporary File Cleaner

Temporary files automatically generate whenever you download files through the internet and whenever you open any program. These unusable files consume a large amount of space than required which effects on your computer system performance. Temporary file cleaner detects such files and removes it permanently from the computer system.
         1.        To clean the temporary files, on Home screen, in ribbon menus, click   Utilities >  click Temporary File Cleaner, the Temporary file Cleaner window opens.
Figure 61 : Temporary File Cleaner Window
         2.        On Temporary File Cleaner Window, click Find the Temporary file search starts.
Figure 62 : Temporary File Search Process
         3.        The WardWiz notifies you when the searching process ends.
        4.        The Temporary File Window shows the temporary files found,  keep marked  Select All checkbox at left bottom of the screen.
         5.        On Temporary File cleaner Window, click Remove to delete all detected temporary files.
         6.        Click Close to stop the process and to close the Temporary File Cleaner Window.