USB Vaccination

Each storage device consists the Autorun file which is prone to the infection. The USB Vaccinator protects those by providing a shield so the file will not get infected.
Use USB vaccination and Hidden file cleaner to check hidden files and protect your USB devices.
Follow the procedure given below to vaccinate your external storage devices:
         1.         To protect your USB device connect your USB device to the computer, on WardWiz Home Window,
                  in ribbon menus, click  Utilities the Utilities Window appears.
         2.        On the Utility Window, click USB Vaccinator , the USB Vaccination Window appears.
Figure 63 : USB Vaccination Window
         3.        At the bottom of USB Vaccination Window, click Start.
         4.        The USB vaccination process starts, The WardWiz notifies you when the process ends.
Figure 64 : USB Vaccination Window
         5.        To check the hidden folders available on the pen drive or on the drives present on your computer system,
                 on USB Vaccination Window Select Unhide files/folder radio button.
         6.        Next to the unhide Files/folders textbox click Browse to select a folder or drive present on your computer system.
         7.        On clicking Browse, the Browsing Window appears.
  8.        In Browsing Window Select the path and click Ok, the path get applies and shows in the USB Vaccinate Window. 
         9.         On USB Vaccinate Window, click Start, the process of revealing the hidden files starts.
       10.       The WardWiz notifies you when the process ends.
Note: The Pen drive must be empty to perform USB Vaccination. After vaccination it will be secure forever.