Autorun Scanner

Autorun scanner detects .Ink files. main function of these files is to allow users to find an object located at different folder. Once the virus or a worm infects this file, this file misbehaves, replicates and converts all other files with .Ink extension. as the effect the converted file creates shortcuts, stops its operation or  get corrupt.   In each data transfer device such as Pen drive, Memory card contains Autorun .Inf file. This file helps to launch and to view the files saved on a Disk. The malicious programs can infect  and use this file to launch the malicious programs.
The Autorun Scanner detects such files and removes them permanently from the computer system.
Perform the following procedure to detect and remove unwanted Autorun files present on the computer:
         1.        On Home screen, in ribbon menus, click   Utilities , the Utilities window opens.
         2.        On the Utilities Window click Autorun Scanner , the Autorun Scanning Window appears .
Figure 79 : Autorun Scanning Window
         3.        On Autorun Scanning Window Select All Drives to perform a complete Autorun scan.
         4.        At the bottom of Autorun Scanning window click Scan, the Scanning process starts.
     5.        Click Pause to stop the process for some time, Click Resume to continue the scan process.
         6.        If the threat detects then WardWiz displays the Threat Name, File Path and the Action taken.
Figure 80 : Autorun Scan for All Drives completed
         7.        Click Scan to rescan all files, click Close to shut down the scanning window.
         8.        To scan selective files on your computer choose Select Path radio button.
Figure 81 : Autorun Scanning Window
         9.        On Autorun Scanning Window click Browse to select files, the browsing window appears.
       10.        Select the folder or a file you want to scan and click Ok. At the bottom of Scanning window click Scan, The Scanning process starts.
    11.    After detection of .lnk the Repair button appears, Click Repair to treat .Ink file.
      12.        The WardWiz notifies you when the detection and repair process ends.
Figure 82 : Selective Scan for Autorun Completed