General Settings

Setting directions are as follows:
         1.        On WardWiz Home at right top of the Home screen click Settings, the WardWiz General Settings Window appears.
Figure 104: WardWiz General Settings Window
         2.        In WardWiz Setting Window click ON/OFF option buttons to set the tray notifications, to manage older reports and to display WardWiz product tooltips at start up.
         3.        You can set the  definite time interval to delete the older reports automatically. To set, next to Delete older reports option click , the window with drop-down menu appears.
  Figure 105 : Select Number of Days
         4.        Through drop down menu select the number of days and click OK, the WardWiz will automatically delete the reports on the selected time interval.
     5.    At the right bottom of the window click support to contact WardWiz Support team.