Offline Product Update

The users who want to update WardWiz version manually can download the updates by login on
Choose your WardWiz version type and download the product update file.
To download the updates apply the procedure given below:
  Applying offline patches
1.      Check System OS version. It is 32bit/ 64bit
2.      Check your product edition. It is WardWiz Essential
3.     Download 32bit/ 64bit offline patch for WardWiz Essential
4.      Double click to Run that .exe
  Offline Updation Process:
                         Figure 93 : Welcome to WardWiz Setup Wizard
         1.        Click Next, the End User License Agreement screen appears.
               Figure 94 : End User License Agreement Screen
         2.        Select I accept the agreement Radio button to continue the installation process.
         3.        Click Next, Select additional tasks screen appears.
                        Figure 95 : Select Additional Tasks
         4.        Mark the Create a desktop Icon Checkbox to create WardWiz icon on your desktop.
         5.        Click Next, The Ready to Install screen appears.
                               Figure 96 : Ready to Install
         6.        Click Install to begin the installation process.
                         Figure 97 : Installation Process
         7.        Let the installation process complete, The Wizard notifies you once the installation process complete.
                         Figure 98 : WardWiz  Setup Wizard Complete
         8.        Select  Yes, restart the computer now radio button, it will restart your computer after finishing with the updation process.
         9.        Click Finish, the WardWiz  is successfully updated on your computer system.
Note : The system restart requires, when the Product update process ends.