Through Decryption Window

To decrypt the file use the following procedure:
         1.        On Home screen, in ribbon menus, click  Tools >  click Data Encryption.
         2.        The Data Decryption/Encryption Window appears.
         3.        Select Decrypt, and then click Browse to select the encrypted file.
Figure 69 : The Decryption/ Encryption Window
   4.        Click Decrypt, the decryption password window appears.
                 Figure 70 : Decryption Password Window
         5.        In Decryption Password Window enter the previously entered password.
         6.        At the bottom of the screen click OK, the Decryption/Encryption process completion window appears when the process ends.
  Figure 71 : Decryption complete
         7.        The protection is removed; the decrypted file gets saved at the original location ,where your encrypted file was saved
                double click to open the decrypted file.