Types of entries (Default WardWiz Settings)

Figure 61 : Registry Scan Areas in Registry Optimizer
Wardwiz acts on the following Registry areas:
Type of Entry
Malicious Activity
These are small programs inserted in web pages to improve the functionality of web pages, as they are programs, they can be targeted by the Viruses.
These entries can be used to get control over your working web based applications.
Uninstall Entries
Sometimes, when we uninstall the software some of the entries of the software might still lie in the registry.
These entries slow down your computer’s performance by consuming storage space. Therefore, such entries reduces your computer system performance.
Application Paths
Few corrupted application paths might still be present in your registry even after uninstallation of the program.
These paths slow down computer system performance.
Windows Startup Items
Some applications load themselves automatically on start of the computer. In some cases malicious programs such as Malware, Trojan, Worms, Spyware and Virus loads in this manner.
These kind of applications can hijack your computer. So it is important to remove such application entries from your windows start up registry.
Rootkits are hidden malicious software programs which on activation slow down the duration of system booting process.
These programs slow down the speed of system booting process.
Rouge Application
Rough application is a software program which enters in the system through internet and forces the user to believe that the system is in danger because of virus infection.
On acceptance of its misleading guidelines which provokes you to install unnecessary program. The installed program may have threatening intension.
Worm is a standalone computer program which replicates itself from one drive to other another.
Spreads using the computer network and harms the computer network by consuming the internet bandwidth (Speed).
Spyware Threats
Hackers tries to steal your confidential information from your computer with the help of Spywares
Hackers can launch such kind of programs to enter in your computer system.
These programs keep watch on your activities with your computer system.
Adware Threats
Adware or advertising - supported software automatically displays unwanted advertisements in order to generate online revenue for its author.
An advertisement distracts you on the working screen, sometimes ads' popup covers the working area and leads you forcefully towards unnecessary internet pages.
Keyloggers are designed to trace the key strokes applied by your computer Keyboard.
Such programs launched with the intention of stealing your passwords, account numbers, and confidential information. These software marks hidden entries in Registry.
BHO (Browser Helper Object)
Browser Helper Objects load automatically whenever you open the website.
These plugins are prone to the infection. The hacker can hack and monitor the webpages accessed by the user using these plugins.
Explorer Entries
The internet explorer saves the recently visited pages to speed up the opening process on next visit.
Internet Explorer entries must be removed to keep malicious websites away from your recent search.