Types of entries (Selective)

Type of Entry
Malicious Activity
Font Entries
Malicious font is malicious only when it opens within the software or editor
The font file is crafted with the intension of harming the processing software.
Shared DLLS (Dynamic Link Library)
The file cannot open without searching its path. This is the specialized file with extension .dll. Windows registry is a library where, it stores the paths for each program.
The invalid DLLs must be cleaned from your computer to avoid slowing down the processing speed of your computer system.
Windows Services
Windows services provide real time monitoring of your system activities while running at the backend.
The firewall protection comes under Windows services. They use registry to create entries.
Invalid Extensions
The file cannot open without an extension.
If an extension is invalid then that void file only consumes the memory and affects the processing speed of the computer system.
Help file Information
Help file make the user aware of the features present in the program. You can refer the guidance file which helps you achieve your objective using the program.
The malicious program corrupts the information saved in registry so the user cannot access the guidance file.