Using Data Encryption Window

To protect the file using Data Encryption follow the following procedure:
         1.        On Home screen, in ribbon menus, click  Tools >  click  Data Encryption.
         2.        The Data Encryption Window appears.
Figure 65 : Data Encryption/Decryption Window
         3.        Select Encrypt radio button, and then click Browse to select the file which you want to protect or enter the file path in the provided text field.
         4.        Click Encrypt, the password set screen appears .
   Figure 66 : Password Set Window
         5.        Enter the alphanumeric password containing more than 5 characters (WardWiz123) and at least a special character (*, _, ! , %, @) .
         6.        At the left bottom mark the Keep Original check box if you want to save original copy of your File or a Folder before encryption and click OK.
     7.     If you clear the Keep Original checkbox then Save as window asks you the path where encrypted file is to be saved.
         8.        Data Encryption Process Completion Window appears when the encryption process ends.
Figure 67 : Data Encryption Process Completion Window
         9.        The encrypted file takes the WardWiz logo
       10.        The encryption password is required to open the encrypted file.
      11.        On the Password Set Window, while encrypting the file, if you mark the Keep original check box, then the WardWiz creates second encrypted copy of selected file which you can save on any location in your computer, without modifying the original file properties. Your original file remains unchanged.
      12.        On the Password Set Window, while encrypting the file, if you clear the Keep original check box, then WardWiz modifies the selected file properties and saves it in an encrypted form at original file location. Your file gets encrypted without saving the second copy.
Note : Record or Keep the password safe, WardWiz cannot help, in case the user forgot his encrypted file’s password, To maximize the  security we do not provide retrieval of the set password. Keeping the encryption password safe is the user’s responsibility.