"Secure your digital lifestyle with WardWiz"

Premium web protection while you shop and surf,
complete with our new firewall manager!

Secures you against online threats

A Firewall Manager to optimize your settings

Secures your surfing and shopping

Protection for home user

Comprehensive and User Friendly security
options necessary for your PC.

30 days free Trial

Download Here

Rs1299.00/-   1104.00/- per year

Validity: 1 Year + 90 days Extra

Protect your precious Data with WardWiz advanced features.

We provide System Essential Tools and the Antivirus comes along with it.

Standalone solutions to secure your
network, servers and email

Erasing your worries, not files

Auto Live Update

  • To keep the virus database up-to-date, WardWiz will be updated automatically if its connected to the internet. Latest version always ensures enhanced security.

Offline Registration

  • WardWiz can be registered even if it is not connected to the internet. Offline users can use SMS Activation facility to activate WardWiz.

Offline Updates & Patches

  • Download the required patches and updates for WardWiz even if you are not connected to the internet.