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"Secure your digital lifestyle with WardWiz"

Wardwiz Basic

Protection for workstation

Price: Rs.799/-

WardWiz Essential

Protection for workstation

Price: Rs.1299/-

WardWiz Essential Plus

Complete Internet security

Price: Rs.1899/-

WardWiz Android Essentials

Protection for mobile

Price: Rs.499/-

WardWiz iOS Essentials

Protection for iPhones and iPads

Price: Rs.1299/-

Advanced System Essential Tools

Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan, Antirootkit Scan feature
ideal for home users and professionals.

  • Scanning
  • Antirootkit Scan
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Data Encryption
  • Auto USB Scanner

A well-designed antivirus utility ought to eliminate ransomware on sight, but ransomware designers are tricky. They work hard to get around old-school signature-based malware detection. And it only takes one slip up by your antivirus to let a new, unknown ransomware attack render your files unusable. Even if the antivirus gets an update that removes the ransomware, it can't bring back the files.

Rootkits allow administrative access to unauthorized users through any third party application. It hampers the application process; also it helps hackers to steal the information. WardWiz detects, blocks, repairs and permanently removes such malicious program to keep your computer system safe.

The Registry Optimizer improves performance of your computer system. It removes unwanted and leftover entries from software uninstalls, idle entries etc. to boost registry operations and boost the overall performance.

You can add extra protection to your files and folders by using Data Encryption and Decryption feature. WardWiz encrypted files can be decrypted only through WardWiz.

Every time a flash drive is connected to the device, WardWiz prompts you to scan it before you import files from the USB stick. This protects your device from harmful viruses that the USB might contain.

Leveraging and Securing your highest
potential in the digital environment

We provide System Essential Tools and the Antivirus comes along with it.

WardWiz Basic

Proactive, Efficient and yet lightweight comprehensive security features.

Comprehensive and user friendly security options necessary for your PC. Its customized scanning features and utilities produce quick results in minimal time.

Rs 799

WardWiz Essential

Proactive approach to protect your online identity.

Equipped with advanced scanning features which fortify personal and professional usage. Its 256 Bit data encryption and Registry Optimizer keep your data and system safe and sound.

Rs 1299

WardWiz Essential Plus

Complete Next-Generation Protection
Network Threat Blockage: Proactive Protection for cyber-attacks before they start
Cyber Security for Kids
Powerful protection from spam and phishing attacks

Rs 1899

WardWiz Android Essentials

Making mobile devices safer and smarter with WardWiz Antivirus Security

With superior detection of mobile device threats than even most paid solutions, WardWiz prevents unwanted premium calls, blocks banking Trojans and stops Ransomware from restricting access to your own data.

Rs 499

WardWiz iOS Essentials

WardWiz iOS Essentials is a utility for your iPhone. WardWiz strives to protect your personal information on your device from unauthorized use.


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