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“Leveraging and Securing your highest potential in the digital environment”

Through everything it does, WardWiz strives to create a secure environment, wherein people see and realize their possibilities which will help them to realize and attain their highest potential without having to worry about impending threats.

About Wardwiz

Digital technology is enabling us to do and achieve a lot more than ever before

PCs and Smartphones are empowering people to make the most of their capabilities in today’s knowledge economy. But the power of PCs/ Smartphones is itself compromised due to a whole host of emerging IT threats.

Wardwiz understands that it takes much more than just Anti-Virus to maintain PCs and systems healthy and to keep them safe from unauthorized access.

So it does just that- it offers a whole host of features like Heuristic Scan, File Encryption and System Tune-up Tools along with an Anti Virus to ensure that PCs and Smartphones stay healthy and run their best. And with this, it facilitates the users in their efforts to leverage their potential in digital environment.

Management Team

Digital technology is enabling us to do and achieve a lot more than ever before.

Harald Suender


Chief Executive Officer

Harald has more than 15 years of IT Industry experience and worked for a government agency for 2 decades to implement an infrastructure to deliver and distribute Aid material in third world countries as well as in emergency and civil riot areas. He lead an office of 60+ people in Atlanta/Georgia and Anaheim/California, USA distributing PC-Memory to the biggest brands also offering them tailor-made special memory modules from own production. He has a wide network of international contacts.


Chief Executive Officer (India) & Chief Operating Officer (Global)

Abhijeet has more than 11 years of IT Industry experience in various aspects of IT Infrastructure design and management. He has worked with Global Leaders in Technology such as IBM , Microsoft , HP and Symphony. His Account and Delivery Management experience at these companies brings in the customer focus in whatever he does. A passionate entrepreneur, he now is the Chief Executive Officer(India) at WardWiz.

Abhijeet Khot

Udo Engelien


Executive Director

Udo has more than 10 years of IT Industry experience in various aspects of budgeting and planning. He is a doctor of Physics and Psychology and was working as a coach for a variety of industry leaders in Germany. He implemented a system to bring medicals and medical equipment into Germany from different other European countries, mainly for the big names in the industry like Merck and Bayer.