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About WardWiz Ambassador Program

WardWiz is empowering its customers to make the most of their capabilities by securing their digital life in this fast-paced world. In the same way, we would like to secure the digital life of their loved ones too!!

We all tend to share our experience with our loved ones. Humans intuitively understand Referrals and a recent study says that people pay 2 times more attention to recommendations from their friends and family. More than 90% of people trust recommendations from their friends.

To strengthen this relationship, we’re introducing WardWiz Ambassador Program. WardWiz Ambassador Program provides our customers with a simple, easy and profitable way to earn rewards by referring their friends and family. We intend to strengthen our memberships through our customers and further engage their family and friends with WardWiz and become our Brand Advocates.

We’re hoping that through this referral program we can help you earn rewards and benefits by leveraging WardWiz products. WardWiz has made this program as easy and transparent as possible for us to earn more business together so that everyone wins.

Partners can register to participate in WardWiz Ambassador Program without spending hours filling forms and verification process. All you need to do is

  • Fill in your basic information like name, email id, pan number, Aadhaar number and submit.
  • Once you submit the form, you will receive a 6-digit unique number on your registered email id. This unique number is your referral code.
  • Now you’re registered with WardWiz Ambassador Program.

Share this reference code with your friends and family and every time someone registers using your reference code, you earn the benefits. You can claim the reward by the end of the month or carry it forward for the next month till the end of the quarter.

These rewards are based on points divided in slabs. Each time you achieve the required number of registrations as per a slab, you can claim the rewards according to the specific slab.

Program Benefits

  • Immediate payment and benefits to our customers for their referrals
  • Technical Assistance for you and your customers.
  • Hassle free registration

WardWiz Ambassador

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